Various techniques of trimming and pruning!

Arborwise Tree, LLC is an established name offering,tree trimming & pruning services in Flowery Branch and its surroundings. Trimming and pruning at regular intervals are necessary to maintain tree health and beauty along with it makes your landscape more secure as risks of falling dead branches is eliminated from the equation. During the process branches that are leaning over your property or rubbing against each other are also removed to counter the potential threats these can pose in future. Flowery Branch tree trimming & pruning services also play a significant role in stabilizing the structure of trees so that they can weather the storms without getting much affected. Our professionals and trained crews are ready to help you 24×7 all year round in cases of emergencies like during heavy storms or other harsh conditions. You can rely on our staff to provide to best and secure tree trimming & pruning services in Flowery Branch as they are well equipped with heavy machinery and latest tools also they are well trained in their craft.

According to our arborist’s tree branches should always be cut at a node, in other words, the point of intersection of the branches. The cut should be just outside of the ridge of bark that develops there. Also, it is essential to make the smallest branch stub for safety reasons.

Different techniques of trimming and pruning:

This method is mainly used on hardwoods; it means the careful and highly selective removal of branches in the crown of the tree
it is important to remove branches that split off in V-shape; this lodge represents a weak spot in the tree.
Branches that hang low on your property can pose a problem to pedestrians and must be removed.
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